The First Day. November 27.
09:30 – 10:00

Opening of the Business Club. What's new, what’s interesting

10:00 – 11:30

Block 1: KM-company and KM-people: who are they?

Group discussions

How KM is used in various industries: to form communities and personal development in the blog area, formation of information policy, the development of companies in the highly competitive environment. Analyze examples, tools, and approaches.

The result

  • Approaches to Knowledge Management in different sectors: government, business, the Internet community.
  • Database of solutions, new tools and methods for the application of KM in politics, business and society. Set of rules for the most popular applications.


Speeches of the speakers, "live" talk: interpretation, adaptation, vulnerability scanning, sharing experience, knowledge creation.

Room №1

Bloggers and the public

With the advent of new technologies, communication channels and virtual reality, the authority of traditional media in shaping public opinion gradually migrated to the new "hands" - the blogosphere. Bloggers today are leading opinion leaders. What used to be fun, now can bring real benefits and ... money.


Demonstration of the capabilities and benefits of the blogosphere at first-hand on real business cases. Study the way to become opinion leaders. Summarize recent trends in the social space, bringing together all the principles and technologies of social networking.

The result

  • An understanding of how to use social media to improve their image in the minds of the target group in several times.
  • How to promote social media, action in unusual situations.
  • Exclusive hints and tips from top bloggers in Russia
  • Adaptation of the examples of the profits to companies and creating effective business models using the online resources.


presentation of key-speakers, discussion of case studies and techniques with the participants.

They have already applied this: Oleg Tinkoff, Tina Kandelaki Mukhammedov Sergei, Oleg Barmin, Nikita Belikh, Ilya Dronov.


Oleg Barmin (Russia, "LJ")
«LJ or «man and a boat», by example will show you how to combine business and a blog, how to find investors through a blog, how to promote a business in the Internet»

Mark Ilanskiy (Russia, "LJ")
«Blog and politics, brilliant representative of LJ policy, interesting editorial projects in LJ»

Anton Saveliev (Russia, "LJ")
«The new blog promotion tools on a commercial basis, and how to earn with LJ»

Sergei Muhammedov (Russia, "LJ")
«Who are the bloggers, where they came from, what can be a benefit from them?»

Sergei Gevlich (Russia, "Agency of innovative communications")
«The new approach and tools for the transmission of information»

Room №2

The Power.

"Factors of creating a positive image of the subject of the Russian Federation"

The need to form own image of each region and enhance the moments of recognition of Russian territory is obvious. Because, in the end, it helps to draw attention to the region, makes it possible to more effectively lobby for their interests, improve the investment climate to attract large number of tourists, which certainly gives additional income to the budget. Moreover, the promotion of the image regions - a promising way to overcome the difficulties in forming the image of Russia as a whole.

The result

Participants will:
- Increase the region's competitiveness, enhance the attractiveness of the territory, an algorithm of creating a brand site with examples from the Russian practice.
- Acquire knowledge as a blog section of the subject.
- Identify aspects of the perception of regions at the federal cyberspace.


Performance of speakers, discussion of techniques with the participants.


Ruslan Gatarov (member of the Federation Council)
«Appeal to the government through social media»

Sergei Nikitskii (Russia, "")
«Factors of creating a positive image of the subject of the Russian Federation»

Daria Karakulova (Russia, "School Learn")
«How to blog politics»

Room №3



This block will allow companies actively using IM, to acquire new knowledge, learn new techniques and to efficiently use the resources of the company.


Sergei Yuldashev (Russia, «Talent Code»)
«As HR-s can destroy / disrupt the knowledge management system»

Alina Corzh (Russia, «Business Assessment System»)
«Study skills»

Igor Breus (Russia, «IBM»)
«Knowledge - the basic capital of modern organizations»

Dmitry Mishustin (Russia, «JTI»)
«Using the system offers»

Alyona Zaitseva (Russia, "Russian Railways")
«The experience of implementing knowledge management systems in the corporate university Railways»

Sergei Bekrenev (Russia, "European Legal Service")
«Knowledge management system in the legal field»

Alexander Barinov (Russia, "School of International Business")
«Creation of a knowledge - experience in implementing in Kaliningrad»

11:30 – 12:00

Coffee break

12:00 – 16:00

Unit 2: "Immersion" in Knowledge Management (KM)

Business entered the era of knowledge that changes everything: markets, management and sales. To improve the competitiveness of innovation companies implement a knowledge management system. However, the concept of knowledge management and its purpose is not always uniformly understood within companies in different industries and even countries. It's time to set the record straight «i».

The purpose of KM

Create an image of a world in which there is KM: advanced companies and countries that use the KM, the latest advances, trends and forecasts. Come to a common understanding Knowledge Management, synthesize its benefits and opportunities at various levels, from start-ups and small companies to global corporations and states. On real business cases to assess the impact of KM on the bottom line.

The result

  • Synthesized participants knowledge management concept and its applicability. Common conceptual system provides a report right sense and facilitate the exchange of knowledge at the Congress.
  • A clear understanding and vision of the industry as a whole, leading companies and countries that have implemented KM, trends and forecasts of industry knowledge.
  • A new horizon of thought: the vision of additional features and prospects of the company.
  • Adapted successful experience of Russian and international companies, which will increase the capitalization of their business significantly.


Ron Young (UK, «Young International Ltd.» And «Knowledge Associates International») - Vadim Shiryaev (Russia, "COMAP") - Oleg Lavrov (Russia, "Sheremetyevo")
«What has changed in the world of KM? What trends are popular? The more widely used all over the world?»

Madanmohan Rao (India, «Techsparks») - Alexander Sazanovich (Russia, "MIRBIS") - Rostislav Yavorsky (Russia, "Skolkovo")
«Analysis of the global best practices presented at KM Asia - in 2012, adapting the knowledge to the Russian reality»

Mann (UK, «Essential Safety Services Limited») - Dmitry Kostik (Ukraine, «Kodisoft») - Alexey Emelyanov (Russia, «JTI»)
«Cloud systems - principles of organization and use»

Edward Baldakov (Russia, «EF») - Ronan Grunbaum (Great Britain, «Hult International Business School»») - Svetlana Berger (Canada, «Career»)
«How multiculturalism affects communication in business: what does the future hold? How we will work globally? »

Ilya Dronov (Russia, "Learn")
«Development and Prospects Learn where rolling Learn what happened to the goat and Frank, where the light at the end of the tunnel, as well as answer questions from the block" Ask the director about their everyday »

16:00 – 16:30

Coffee break

16:30 – 18:00

Round table discussion


The aim of that block to collect together all the information and knowledge, which were formed by the participants of working sections, to present it to the other participants, to synchronize data and summarize the results of the first day.

18:00 – 19:00

Block 3

«Best KM-case». The presentation of the Award.

Though it is a short period of time of using KM by Russian companies, there are already important results and achievements.

The Second Day. 28 November.


The use of KM techniques, new methods in practice: a "live" exchange of knowledge, ideas, global collaboration on various levels: government officials, business community. Show real cases of cooperation in socially important and business projects.

The result

  • Understand the practical application of the exchange algorithm and the synthesis of knowledge, creating new knowledge.
  • Ability to correctly set the task and choose the best set of tools for the KM to solve it. Clear links "problem" - "tools" - "result".
  • Skills formation and construction of the team, including the development of talents of the team.
  • Clear instructions for the implementation of KM in various fields.
  • Amended set of definitions and applications of the KM zone, a set of principles and rules for creating remote commands - crowdsourcing.
  • Algorithm development and community development. Working out in practice, creating a community plan for the KM and its promotion.
  • The decision of socially important cases through technology KM.
  • Useful contacts and new partners, new joint projects.


active online program in working groups and interest groups, solving real-life case studies, strategy games, Speed Business Dating.

They are already using it: the "Give a Life" fund.

Rule: "Do not have $100, have 100 friends."